Blockchain made easy by someone who didn’t get it either!

What can Fashion learn from Video games?

I recently logged into my account on a fashion retailer’s site, where I saw that I had gained 60 out of 250 points and needed to shop a certain amount more to reach 100 points.

There was a progress bar and everything. Apparently, I’d win a private membership to the brand once I achieve the 250 points.

Kid you not, I considered making the expenditure without even knowing what a private membership would mean!

That’s gamification for you.

What is Gamification?

A compilation of key details to know about the Farfetch-Alibaba-Richemont deal

On November 06, 2020, the supremely exciting rumours of a possible investment by Chinese giant Alibaba Group & Swiss leader Richemont in Luxury Fashion retail platform Farfetch was confirmed.

Goal: To accelerate the digitization of the global luxury industry.

This is being done via the “LNR” initiative. LNR stands for Luxury New Retail. …

Uber Eats, but make it Fashion.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s already some work that has been done in the field of instant fashion delivery. We’re talking ‘F90’ by Farfetch, ‘ASOS Instant’, Amazon One-Hour Delivery and many other such services. They all have something in common, however.

They’re NOT what I’m talking about this week.

I’m based in Paris. Out here we’ve got Amazon Prime, UberEats, Deliveroo, a bit of eBay and a generous serving of independent retailers that’ve partnered with Chronopost to get…

I’m Gen Z and I don’t shop the way your data tells you I do.

Gen Z, a term that’s become omnipresent in any and every Marketing, Sales, Communications or Research presentation I’ve come across in my 2 years at University. But I have to say: we talk about Gen Z like its a round of 2 truths and a “generalization”.

Gen Z is tech-savvy. Ok.

Gen Z is diverse. Ok? (but isn’t everyone?)

Gen Z is impulsive. What??

Data on all generations work on generalizations and assumptions, but that on Gen Z…

The top 10 key takeaways from the E4FT report highlighted & summarized.

E4FT, UAL, Politecnico, University of Boras & ERASMUS+ together developed a Fashion-Tech, Education and Research Benchmarking Report in 2017, which features some interesting summarization of how FashionTech has developed over the years. Despite the 3-year delay, I found extremely valuable information in the report that answer the following 10 questions (in the first half):

  1. How did FashionTech evolve over time? (pg 13–15)
  2. How has Technology impacted the Fashion Design process? (pg 18)
  3. How did 3D modelling make its…

Instagram has been on the news for its new updates, so here are the facts and my thoughts on them.

This morning our professor said to us, “the virus came out of nowhere, made itself comfortable and changed our world right in front of our eyes and our lives will never be the same again”. I think that’s the first time it hit me. Our world has changed, in bright daylight, right in front of our eyes and we can do nothing but adapt.

In the spirit of adapting, there isn’t a business in the world, however small…

A rundown of my favourite FashionTech learnings over the past 10 weeks.

🎉 The Closet On The Cloud is at its 10th newsletter! 🎊

Here is a rundown of what my favourite piece of learning was in each issue ♥️

1.ISSUE #1 (Monday, July 20): Fashion has a new friend 👭

For all those fellow enthusiasts who feel lost in the mammoth coverage of TikTok US, I’m here to help.

Over the past few months, it’s truly seemed like I’ve been surrounded by TikTok despite not even having the app on the phone! For all those who feel as surrounded as me, but still have no idea what on earth is going on, here’s the 411:

Well, TikTok is currently still in motion to sell its US operations (and not the entire enterprise as widely believed), to potential bidders in the country. This is happening post the infamous…

It’s all about the money but its also a lot about how you pay for the clothes you wear while spending it ;)

Why Fashion needs Fintech (PayTech)

Fintechfutures very rightly said,

“The fashion industry has long been operating on a push model; centred almost entirely around what designers and brands want to sell rather than what consumers want to buy.”

Taking, therefore, the consumer POV:

In 2020, the average millennial consumer has an abundance of choice but what it lacks is an abundance of resource to acquire it.

If they have the resource, they don’t have the time.

And IF by chance, they have the…

Jiya Sharma

For a human girl on the internet, I sure tend to talk a lot about robots…🤔 Founder @ClosetOnTheCloud.

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