Blockchain made easy by someone who didn’t get it either!

What can Fashion learn from Video games?

That’s gamification for you.

What is Gamification?

A compilation of key details to know about the Farfetch-Alibaba-Richemont deal

Uber Eats, but make it Fashion.

They’re NOT what I’m talking about this week.

I’m Gen Z and I don’t shop the way your data tells you I do.

The top 10 key takeaways from the E4FT report highlighted & summarized.

  1. How did FashionTech evolve over time? (pg 13–15)
  2. How has Technology impacted the Fashion Design process? (pg 18)
  3. How did 3D modelling make its…

Instagram has been on the news for its new updates, so here are the facts and my thoughts on them.

A rundown of my favourite FashionTech learnings over the past 10 weeks.

🎉 The Closet On The Cloud is at its 10th newsletter! 🎊

For all those fellow enthusiasts who feel lost in the mammoth coverage of TikTok US, I’m here to help.

It’s all about the money but its also a lot about how you pay for the clothes you wear while spending it ;)

Why Fashion needs Fintech (PayTech)

“The fashion industry has long been operating on a push model; centred almost entirely around what designers and brands want to sell rather than what consumers want to buy.”

Jiya Sharma

For a human girl on the internet, I sure tend to talk a lot about robots…🤔 Founder @ClosetOnTheCloud.

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